Just build it.

Attention DIY Solar Panel Installers and Professional Solar Enthusiasts!

Are you tired of the limitations of light-duty helical piles and the high costs of professional installation services? If you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional solar panel installer looking for a more robust and cost-effective foundation solution, Earth Grip is your answer.

The Challenge with Standard Helical Piles:

As a DIY solar panel installer, you might have encountered the same issue I did: the readily available light-duty helical piles just don’t cut it for more demanding projects. They max out at supporting structures using 4×4’s, which is often insufficient for larger solar panel systems.

The Problem with Professional Services:

The next step up – more robust helical piles – typically requires professional installation, involving heavy machinery and, of course, a hefty price tag. This can be a significant barrier if you’re keen on handling the installation yourself or looking to reduce costs in your professional solar panel installations.

Introducing Earth Grip: The DIY-Friendly Solution:

That’s why I created Earth Grip. It’s a game-changer for DIY solar panel installers and professionals alike. Earth Grip is a manually installed helical pile system designed to support larger projects without the need for expensive machinery.

Why Earth Grip is Ideal for Your Solar Panel Projects:

  1. DIY-Friendly: Earth Grip is specifically designed for manual installation. This means you can take on those larger solar panel projects without the need for professional installation services.
  2. Versatile and Strong: With Earth Grip, you’re no longer limited to light-duty applications. It expands the variety and size of projects you can tackle, providing the strength and stability needed for larger solar panel systems.
  3. Simple Installation: Yes, you’ll need to dig a shallow hole – but don’t worry, it’s nothing a bit of elbow grease can’t handle. The installation process is straightforward, and you’ll be filling that hole back in once the pile is set.
  4. Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for heavy machinery and professional installers, Earth Grip saves you money, making your solar panel installation more affordable.

Earth Grip is the solution that DIY solar panel installers and professionals have been waiting for. It’s time to take control of your solar panel installations with a foundation system designed for your needs.

Just build it!