As a DIY or professional solar panel installer, you understand the importance of a solid foundation for your installations. Earth Grip is engineered by experts in geostructural engineering, boasting years of experience in the construction industry. Our team’s profound knowledge in soil science and structural engineering directly benefits your solar panel projects.

Why Choose Earth Grip for Your Solar Panel Installations?

  1. Expert-Driven Formulas and Calculations: Our background in geostructural engineering has enabled us to develop precise formulas and calculations. This ensures that every Earth Grip design supports the unique demands of solar panel installations.
  2. ASTM Standard Level Testing: We’ve rigorously tested the Earth Grip system along the lines of the ASTM standards. This includes comprehensive assessments of load-bearing capacities, as well as axial and lateral resistance. These tests provide assurances that Earth Grip can reliably support your solar panels in various environmental conditions.
  3. Customized Geostructural Designs: Utilizing our extensive GIS data on soil types and conditions, our geostructural designers can swiftly create a tailored foundation solution for your specific solar panel installation needs. Whether you’re dealing with sandy soils, clay, or rocky terrains, Earth Grip is designed to adapt and provide unwavering support.
  4. Efficiency and Reliability: With Earth Grip, you can expect an efficient design process and a reliable foundation for your solar panels. This translates to less time worrying about the suitability of your installation site and more time focusing on the actual installation and optimization of solar panels.
  5. Support for Diverse Installation Scenarios: Whether you’re working on a residential backyard or a large-scale solar farm, Earth Grip’s versatile design adapts to a wide range of installation scenarios, ensuring stability and durability in diverse environments.

Earth Grip offers you a geostructurally sound, tested, and tailored foundation solution for your solar panel installations. Trust in our expertise to provide you with a foundation that stands the test of time, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your solar energy projects.