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Title: Earth Grip: Efficient Foundations for Solar Panel Installations

Explore Earth Grip, the innovative foundation solution tailored for solar panel installations. Our environmentally-friendly helical pile system presents an efficient alternative to traditional solar panel foundations, ensuring stable and long-lasting support.

Reliable Foundation for Solar Panels

Earth Grip offers a dependable solution for solar panel foundations, featuring enhanced bearing and lateral force resistance. This system is designed to meet the specific needs of solar panel installations, providing durability and stability. The helical pile design of Earth Grip efficiently supports various solar energy projects.

Streamlined Solar Installation Process

Earth Grip simplifies the solar panel installation process. With a 30-minute setup, this system minimizes the complexities typically associated with solar panel foundations. The all-metal construction of Earth Grip facilitates a straightforward and cleaner installation, reducing time and costs compared to conventional concrete methods.

Eco-Friendly Solar Panel Foundation

Earth Grip is an eco-conscious choice for solar panel foundations. Made from sustainable materials, it offers a robust foundation for solar panels while supporting environmental responsibility. The helical pile system is both effective and sustainable, suitable for diverse solar energy applications.

Select Earth Grip for your solar panel foundation needs. Offering efficiency and environmental consideration, Earth Grip is well-suited for modern solar panel installations. Its innovative foundation system is designed to meet the practical requirements of the solar energy industry.


Manual Installation



Cost Effective

Target Market

Architects – Easy specification – Concrete Footing Equivalent – Environmentally Sustainable

Engineers – Lateral Stability and Lift/Pull Resistance

Contractors/Installers – Cheaper than concrete – Faster – Immediately bears load

Manufacturers – Complement other products

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